Totum Women



Former high powered Exec turned mom of two turned heartfelt entrepreneur while pregnant with her third, Erin Erenberg is one of those women who does it all and still has time for more.  Her passion and conviction in her mission bursts at the seams when you talk to her.

Erin needed a brand for her new line of lactation cookies, complete with all the ingredients to provide a breastfeeding mom with all the nutrients, calories and comfort she needs to take care of herself and her new baby. It soon became clear that Erin's business was about a cookie and so much more. We began to think bigger about a brand that serves women globally as they enter motherhood. Erin wanted a brand that felt inclusive, authentic and of service.



We started with a brand strategy phase, including focused naming generation for Erin's new business. Totum means “whole” in Latin and speaks to the way we want women to feel after a life-changing event such as becoming a mother, an experience which has historically replaced the unique identity of a woman with the simple word 'mommy'.

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We quickly realized there was an elbows-out, bordering on political angle to this work, and developed a color palette and logo that felt strong enough to carry the mission of Totum. Every service and feature of the website was filtered through the concept of putting the spotlight back on the woman. We tried to visually and verbally speak to all types of women at all different stages of motherhood. We developed Totum Stories for women to submit their motherhood stories to be featured on the blog. A robust resources section of the site allows for women to share and connect over different services and products that are useful, particularly for mothers.

Erin is now distributing her delicious cookies to moms all over the world, while holding space for their experiences at Totum Women. I can't wait to see what is next for Erin and Totum!

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