nanam - from my grandma's name "nana mimi" - is for the women who came before me

Annie Jefferson

Annie lives in Los Angeles after four-year stints each in London and New York. With an agency background in brand design and brand strategy, content development and project management, she has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes to refresh old brands, build new ones, launch websites and create engaging marketing material.

In 2013, Annie won the London School of Economics Entrepreneurship Award with funding to launch a content creation company for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, which has evolved into what she offers now – a little of everything across strategy, design and website creation. She also works in collaboration with agencies, including Idea is Everything and Vin.

Annie loves big picture thinking and finds nothing more inspiring than helping to empower entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do by developing the beautiful and precise expression to represent it. Once the face of your work aligns with its inherent value and richness, you are unstoppable in business and in life.